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We provide you a range of services that allow you rapid growth and high growth potential, whose activity is centered on strategic telemarketing and new technologies at rates that allow you to accelerate your business development. Consult our services:

Territorial Development

The development of your business is not to be taken lightly your, company will not have a second chance to make a good impression! Work with a team that will be the extension of your company, the partner you have been waiting for.

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Creation of Traffic

Attract a maximum of potential customers on a point of sale with discounts, invitations, promotions, price reductions, incentives to conquer new customers, retain an existing clientele, develop brand awareness and image.

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Surveys & Inquiries

Want to know your market’s trends and evolution? Develop or improve a product, promote a new service, increase your sales or know your customers and your markets? We will offer you the most effective and simplest solution.

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Mystery Clients

You want to evaluate your customer service, quality of service, customer satisfaction, marketing experience, your competitors? We can provide you the facts of the conversation to help you improve your services.

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Prospecting New Customers

You wants to increase the size of your customer portfolio and develop its turnover in the long run. Our service of prospecting new customers by telemarketing can ensure you the best return on your investment.

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Lead Generating

Target contacts likely to be interested in your promotional offers, identify their decision-making environment, determine their purchasing intentions or needs and evaluate the deadlines of the projects detected.

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Setting Appointments

Few telemarketing companies use our unique approach in their marketing. With our approach, your chances of success will be extremely strong, your appointment will be more than qualified it will be a sale!

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Customer Qualification

Aski specific questions about whether a customer is worth your time and resources. Create and use a proficiency checklist: Is there approved funding? Are you speaking to a decision maker? Is there a real need for your offer?

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Qualification of Files

improve the reachability of your prospects and optimize conversion rates through updating processes, validation and enriching customer data. We guarantee the reliability of the data, while identifying the best opportunities.

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Our benefits

Because writing a telemarketing text is never to be taken to lightly.

Telemarketing Performance offers a free personalized text writing service for all your campaigns 20h & over.

Our team will faithfully transpose your ideas on paper. With an out of the ordinary, attention to detail, our telemarketing texts are always tested before being used by our customers.

Telemarketing Performance offers you telemarketing text writing services in various specialized fields. If you are not convinced of the nature of the project to write, contact us without delay, so that we can analyze your needs together.

In order to offer you the most varied and comprehensive telemarketing text writing service, we are constantly adjusting to our customers’ demands.

Our guarantee

Guarantees high efficiency, better penetration rate amongst potential customers, more qualitative customer interactions, and fundamentally innovative technologies.

We also guarantee companies optimize their customer relationships and customer loyalty by harnessing the full potential of voice and technology. We are the ideal partner to help you build a strong, long-term relationship with your customers.

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